Prolonging ACTIVE and HEALTHY lifestyles.





Tradies Health Month

Experience for yourself all the benefits of what professional exercise coaching can have in your life.


Better Life PT Studio's purpose is improving the lives of older generations, using simple training methods that have long lasting effects and guantrees you'll be feeling better then you have every before.


Are You Suffering?


The Common Problems

  • Feeling pain in joints or muscles from moving around.

  • Feeling tired and unmotivated from either poor sleep quality or not enough.

  • Feeling fat/bloated or nauseated from poor food choices or eating habits.

  • Rejecting fun activities based on feeling embarrassed of the way you look or perform.

  • Always feeling sick or having a cold all year round.

The Benefits of Exercise

  • Feeling great about moving around pain-free.

  • Feeling energized and motivated everyday from getting enough good quality sleep.

  • Feeling slim and healthy from finally being in control of your food choices or eating habits.

  • Feeling happy about being able to participate in all the fun activities you used to reject.

  • Never feeling sick or recovering faster from colds and flu's.


What You Need


Strength and Conditioning

Being stronger and more conditioned makes any physical task much easier on you and your body, after finishing all the daily mundane tasks, you will still have more energy do the fun stuff and not feel tired.


Flexibility / Mobility

Keeping or regaining some of your lost flexibility / mobility from your youth is possible for some people and can also make being active through the day much easier and enjoyable.


Healthy Eating Habits

Having some healthy eating habits can make weight management so much easier. You might already be doing some of them already, that's great, but if you find yourself struggling to manage your weight and energy levels you might need a little help and that's okay too.


Fatigue Management

This is one of the most overlooked and underestimated components of the 4. Even if you do all other 3 to the best of your ability, skimping out on your fatigue management will have a significant negative impact on you overall health and we-being.