Putting the personal in personal training


Welcome, I’m Chris, the guy who started all this, thanks for checking us out and trying to get to know us a little better.

My passion comes from the success of my clients in helping them transform their body’s and their lives into one that healthy and full of life.

It’s not always easy to change lifelong habits, but with determination, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

By utilising all of my 15+ years of experience and continuing education, I've taken the most proven successful methods, and systems put them together into a package, this is to minimise training time and effort to gain the maximum results.

I can be generally lazy sometimes, I enjoy watching movies, reading, playing games and just being able to relax.

To be able to have the time to enjoy myself doing the activities I love, when I write programs I’m consistently thinking about what is the most efficient path to take to get the results desired.

I don't do quick fixes and just like with most things rewarding in life, I believe some hard work and effort are required to receive the big payment at the end.

I look forward to working towards your success in the future. :)


the Story

From Hobby to Profession

I’m not much of a storyteller so don’t hold this in comparison to my passion for coaching people to achieve their transformation goals.

My interest in the health and fitness industry came from when I was in high schools, like every teenage male at the time I started to do some weight training in the gym for the reason you could already imagine, Yep that’s right, looking fierce and sexy for the ladies. Lol ;)

Now even though I wasn’t too successful with the ladies :(, it didn’t deter me from working on myself in the gym, in fact, the more I kept training and trying to change my body and live a healthy lifestyle my interest in this area only grew. I started reading all sorts of information I could get my hands on and then putting systems together so I could train myself in a way was time efficient but got me the results I wanted. This was easier said than done, but I still made it my mission to make this happen.

I saved up and finally got my foot in the door to get some formal education in the area. It was early 2000’s so there was a boost in popularity in the health and fitness industry, but a lot of the scientific material was based on athletic populations, and some of it was outdated in its findings.

As I continued to learn and study from all different professionals in the industry, I was putting all that knowledge into practice on myself and then onto my clients which showed excellent results. After getting a lot of experience working for different professionals using their own systems I decided to open my own private studio where I could work on my own while coaching.

Here I am now, over 15+ years’ experience and finally got my own place that’s got loads of comfort and privacy which you can get a great workout in. I still continue to learn and grow developing my coaching skills so I can continue doing what I love to do. Which is helping people transform their body’s and lives and I hope one day to be able to help you too.