Semi-Private Exercise Coaching

Enjoy your experience by sharing it with others.


Not only do you get all the health benefits from the “Private Exercise Coaching” but you also get;


Social Support

Training with like-minded people and sharing the experience can boost motivation and make everything more fun and enjoyable.


Professional Supervision

Having an experienced professional exerciser trainer supervising your training makes the process run smoother so you're not wasting your precious time and also adds that element of accountability to keep you on track and to help toubleshoot any issues with your training and eating habits that can arise.


Cost Efficient

Training in the studio with another person is great in that not only do you share the experience but also some of the costs as well.


Track Progress

Learning how to track your own progress gives you a sense of ownership towards your own performance and goals.
This aids to your determination which will keep you moving forward and also help your coach troubleshoot ideas.



This is a great option for you to choose from for your training experience because you also get to share the experience with others who are also training to get the results they want just like you.

Semi-private exercise coaching' still has all the main benefits of having of private coaching like:

  • Individualized training programing tailored towards getting your own needs.
  • Training in a safe and fun environment.
  • Having a coach supervise you to make sure you're performing all the exercises correctly.

One difference between the private and semi-private which you might consider is the price, just like you are sharing in your experience with others you are also sharing in the cost of the studio time, this is one way we bring even more value to you and your health.

If you have any experience with exercise before and want to take it to the next level, this is a great option for you.